Barely Regal
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These exquisitely crafted confections are a coronation for your taste buds infused with a perfectly-dosed elixir of CBD. Every quest for quality CBD is unique. Whether the journey is for focus, relief, or just to kick back, our products will be your holy grail.

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Barely Regal combines the decadence of unique sweet treats with some modern-day sorcery, creating CBD-infused product for kings, queens, and fools alike.   



Decadent dark chocolate infused with tempting flavors and CBD.

Medieval Dark
Malted Dark
Acai Blackberry

3 Piece / 6 Piece / 12 Piece
10mg CBD per Serving

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Juicy jellies, bite sized to deliver a fruit packed punch infused with CBD.

Spicy Pineapple
Whiskey Ginger
White Grape
Mixed Berry

3 Piece / 6 Piece / 12 Piece
10mg CBD per Serving

Hard Candies

Hard candy jewels infused with fruit flavors and CBD. Nothing like a sucker to make your day suck less.

Apple Maple
Lemon Berry
Melon Pomegranate
Pear Basil Citrus

3 Piece / 6 Piece / 12 Piece
10MG CBD per Serving

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